How to Be an Escort’s Favourite Client

Enjoying an escort service currently exists as a great experience. However, many times people are not able to establish a sweet bond with an escort, which ruins their overall experience. In this article, all of us will talk about the right conduct when a person is with an escort. There are many do’s and don’ts on which you should focus to revamp your experience.

1. Do Complete Research Before Meeting Her:

It is crucial to thoroughly research an escort before meeting her. If you check her online reviews, you can get a glimpse into what her previous clients thought, and use that information to make your decision. Once the escort is confirmed, it’s best not to call her directly. Opt for reaching out via email or message instead. Prioritise her safety and demonstrate respect by being transparent and providing the requested information.

2. Punctuality is the Key:

In the realm of engaging the services of an escort, it is important that one should exercise punctuality as a sacred duty. Suppose you pay some amount of money for one hour of service, but if you are 30 minutes late, then you have only 30 minutes to enjoy yourself. It leads to wastage of your money, and it also leaves a negative impression on escorts. Respecting the time of escort is very important. That’s why don’t be a lazy lad, be on time. If you liked her service a lot, then ask her for extra time. If she agrees, then pay her extra money for extra time. 

3. You Should Know The Abbreviations Used by The Escorts During Service:

If it is your first time, then this advice will help you a lot in dealing with an escort. There are many abbreviations used by the escorts during service time, like CIM, Greek, GFE, PSE, and DFK.

  • CIM – Cum in Mouth.
  • GFE – GirlFriend Experience.
  • PSE – Porn Star Experience.
  • DFK – Deep French Kissing.
  • Greek – Anal Sex.

You can also check the other terms on Google before going for the service. Check out sassy escorts for the best escort services. 

4. Give Her a Gift Or Offer Wine:

If you want to stay ahead of her other clients, then you should give her a present when you meet her. As we know, finding a gift for anyone is not an easy task. If you do not have any idea of a gift, then you can offer her a glass of wine. Usually, wine enhances your overall experience of service. If your escort does not consume alcohol, then don’t worry, you can give her gift cards from big brands like Amazon, eBay, Zara, Chanel, etc. If you know her personally, then customized gifts can be the best option for you. 

Pro Tip: Before offering her wine, you should take her for dinner first. By doing this, you can make her feel special, and this will make you her favourite client.

5. Be Respectful:

Many people have a fetish of having wild sex with an escort. If you also have the same, then don’t worry, your escort will support your fetish if you give her massive respect. Treating her like an object is not good. She is also a lady, and you do not have any right to disrespect or harass her.

6. Pay Tip Before Leaving:

Some people think that paying a tip to an escort is worthless, but actually, it is tremendously effective because it shows that you like her service and efforts. Having a few bucks is not a sin, paying a nominal tip of 10-$20 can also make you special for her. 

7. Focus On Cleanliness:

Cleanliness is very important if you want to create a gentleman image in your mind. If you are directly reaching the place from work, then immediately take a shower at the location because it eradicates the bad odour from your body and also reduces the risk of infection. 

These are the most significant tips which will make you her favourite client. Now, let us talk about some important questions which are very common among escort clients.


Q. Do deep and long kisses irritate her?

Ans. Mostly yes, but you can ask her if she agrees, then you can proceed. 

Q. If she is not matched with the image, then what should I do?

In this case, you should leave that place, or you can also complain to her about the issue.

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