Hygiene Guidelines for Sex Businesses and Sex Workers

As we all know, hygiene is one of the most vital things because it provides healthy working conditions and reduces the probability of getting sick from detrimental bacteria and viruses, but unfortunately, the hygiene conditions of most of the brothels are horrifying due to which sex workers have to work in dire working conditions. Lack of hygiene causes negativity in the environment and enervates the chances of spreading infections like HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). To improve these hygiene conditions the government makes some essential changes in the hygiene guidelines for sex businesses and sex workers. 

Responsibilities of Sex Businesses:

If you are running sex businesses in your locality and hire sex workers and other staff then the safety of your staff is your priority because working in a hygienic environment is the right of workers. To ensure their safety you have to provide personal protective equipment, and also tell them how to use it properly. When you hire a sex worker for your business then you should sign an agreement with her, in which it is mentioned, she can work safely in hygienic conditions. If you hire cleaning staff on a contractual basis then you should tell him/her about these primary hygienic guidelines so that they can work as per your needs and requirements. If you are an owner of an existing sex business or planning to enter this field then peruse the complete hygiene guidelines for sex businesses otherwise it may create some problems in the future. 

How Pathogens Effects The Hygiene of Sex Businesses and Sex Workers?

In places like brothels, the spreading of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like syphilis, gonorrhoea, HIV, etc is very common. Apart from sex workers, it may also infect other people like cleaning staff. The best way to prevent all these detrimental diseases is good hygiene. If you follow these guidelines then it will help you to reduce the attack of pathogens. Pathogens can be spread through many ways:

1. Physical contact between two persons. 

2. Via hands. 

3. Food & water. 

4. From animals to humans. 

5. Though the air (like coughing, dust, and sneezing)

These are some reasons that alleviate the spread of pathogens from one person to another. Now, take a look at regulations and permits related to hygiene guidelines of sex businesses. 

Regulations & Permit:

Before 2013, most of the brothels were illegal due to which sex workers had to face numerous challenges like mental and physical abuse, they had to work in dire working conditions and maximum times they were infected with detrimental diseases like HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea, etc. But now, the government makes many rules and regulations that protect the rights of sex workers. If you register your sex business on the government’s portal then there are very high chance that an officer of GGD will visit your brothel to analyse the hygiene conditions and other important things, if you follow all the rules and regulations issued by the government then you will get the permit to run your brothel legally. 

But getting a permit from the municipality does not mean that you are free now,  the officers of GGD will pay a visit at regular intervals of time, to check whether you follow the hygiene guidelines or not. This is all about the hygiene advice for sex businesses, now, let us discuss some hygiene advice for sex workers. 

Here are Some Hygiene Advice for Sex Workers to Protect Them From Infections:

1. Washing Hands at Regular Intervals of Time:

It is very common but the most effective advice because most of the pathogens spread through our hands that’s why washing of hands at regular intervals will mollify the chances of infections. Do not go to provide your services in those places where you do not get soap and other essential hygiene products like hand sanitizers, etc. Use only those soaps and hand sanitizers that are authorised by the government.

2. Regular Showers:

As a sex worker, you need to clean your body daily because when you make physical contact with someone then there are many ways through which you may get infected through pathogens, for example, the body fluids like semen, sweat, blood, vaginal fluids, etc. Many pathogens can survive for a short period outside your body, that’s why you clean your whole body with body cleaner. You should also clean the things in your surroundings like mattresses, pillows, towels, etc because pathogens can also spread through these materials. Use cleaning sanitizers for this purpose. You can also request your client to take a shower before having any sexual contact because it will reduce the risk of spreading infections. 

3. Use Your Sex Toys Wisely:

Sex toys can give you immense pleasure but it can also cause infection in your body if you do not take care of hygiene. As we discussed above, pathogens can survive outside your body for a short period. When you use sex toys, they may contain body fluids like semen, lubricant, etc. When you use these toys inside your body then it exponentially increases the chances of spreading pathogens in your body, you should clean and sanitise your toy before using it. 

4. STI Test:

It is always advisable for sex workers to go for STI tests. According to doctors, you should go at least four times a year for an STI test. If you are infected by any bacteria then it can be detected from this test, and when the problem is detected at an early stage then it can be cured easily. 

These are some hygiene advice for sex workers which should be followed by them for a healthy life. Sassy Escorts follows hygiene guidelines for sex businesses and sex workers which ensures the safety of their staff.

Working during menstruation

It is up to you to decide if you should continue working during your menstruation. Some women feel less able to work through their period. This is a good reason to take a short break, especially from Day 2 as the flow normally increases and cramps are worse.

Menstruation can be delayed by continually skipping the contraceptive-free week, if on the Pill, the contraceptive ring or patch.

You can also continue working while menstruating. Special sponges are available for this purpose to catch the blood. There are dry and wet sponges. However, bear in mind these when using menstruation sponges:

Advice for the use of sponges:

  • Do not use them more than once (do not rinse and reinsert). These are one-time use only.
  • Never keep them in for more than four hours.
  • Do not use natural or household sponges. The chemist/drugstore sells menstruation sponges.
  • Always use a condom in addition to the sponge. The sponge does not offer full protection against pregnancy neither does it protect against STIs.
  • Always moisten a dry sponge with a few drops of warm water. (Read the instructions on the box).
  • If you are having trouble pulling out the sponge due to being up your vaginal canal too far, you can point a shower head towards your vagina to allow the water to soak the sponge. The weight and bulk of the soaked sponge will help to ease the sponge down.
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