4 Ways to Be a Professional Escort

Making your career in the sex industry can be a great choice for those women who want to explore their lives. A professional escort is a person who will satisfy all your sexual needs in return for payment, apart from sexual pleasure they can also act as a good companion of his client for a given time. There are many escort service providers available in the market but the work model of most of them is unprofessional and illegal that’s why choosing a professional platform of escort service provider is vital for your career. You can register yourself on Sassy Escorts because they follow all the guidelines issued by the government and their working model is also professional. Working with a professional service provider will minimize all your risks and also provide you security whenever you feel unsafe. Now let us talk about the different ways by which you can be a professional escort. 

1. Join The Industry:

It is the simplest way to be a professional escort. Here is the procedure to join the industry. 

A.  Register Yourself in a Professional Escort Agency:

Working as an escort in a professional escort agency will provide you a safe workplace for work so that you can work without any sense of insecurity. Checking the reviews of professional escort agencies online will give you a brief idea about the working model of that agency. You should ask all your doubts from their counsellor before joining the escort agency. Usually, they will take a certain portion of your salary but in return, they take care of your safety. 

B. Create a Unique Name:

Growth at the start of your career is not a cup of cake. You should make a catchy professional that helps you in the advertisement of your services.

C. Click Some Professional High-Quality Pictures:

Hire a professional photographer and click some high-quality picks and capture some alluring videos that also help in the advertisement of your profile. 

2. Do Not Work Illegally:

Working legally will provide a mental piece that promotes a healthy lifestyle so that you will not suffer any type of mental problems in the future. Here are some tips by following which you can work legally. 

A. Peruse All The Laws Related to Your Work in That Region:

If you want to make a career as an escort then you should read all the laws related to escorts in that region because the laws of prostitution are different in every region. In most of the countries, prostitution is illegal, only companionship is legal, but in countries like the Netherlands, it is legal. 

B. Pay Taxes on Time:

Paying the tax on time should be your primary duty, and it shows you are responsible for your country. Check the tax rates in your region and pay income tax according to it. If you do not have enough knowledge related to this field then don’t worry, hire an accountant online who will help you in all these matters. 

Pro Tip: If you are not able to find the right accountant then don’t worry you can connect with an escort advocacy group that will give you the best tax advice according to your location. 

3. Build Experience in The Industry:

Being an experienced escort will allow you to earn much more money in comparison to the new escorts. Follow these tips to be an experienced escort. 

A. Wear a Formal Dress And Be Punctual:

If you want to earn a name and fame in the escort industry, then you should focus on professionalism. Suppose, a client hires you for companionship service then you should ask him about the dress code so that you can wear that attire that is perfect for the occasion. 

B. Behave politely, and Maintain Professional Conduct:

Your behaviour and your conduct decide whether you become a successful escort or a failure. You should make connections with clients so that they will become your potential customers. 

Pro Tip: Do not interrupt your client when he is talking to you, because many people are suffering from loneliness that’s why they hire professional escorts so that they can talk with them and spend some quality time. 

C.  Take Your Money Before Start Working:

It is always advisable to take full payment before providing services because many people do not have enough money to pay you, and if you do not take payment in the beginning then they will reveal this in the end, which will cause you loss. 

4.  Be Safe While Providing Services:

Working as an escort without using protection can be detrimental for you. You should use condoms whether male or female during sexual intercourse. To prevent the breakage of condoms you can use lubricants. You should go for sexual health checkups at regular intervals of time, so that if you are suffering from any problem then it can be detected at a very early stage. 

Pro Tip: If you feel unsafe at any point of time then immediately leave the place, and call the helpline number so that they can drop you to your home safely. 

5 . In case of an attack
• Get away, do not try to be heroic.
• Scream or use your whistle to attract the attention of others.
• Collect evidence on the client: keep a sample of his hair or a used condom so he may be identified later.

Pro tip
The use of weapons usually aggravates the situation rather than calming it down.
Legal sprays such as pepper sprays should be used with caution, because other
persons involved in the fight (for example, your colleagues), may be harmed as
well.If you have been attacked you should turn to the authorities. Let a person
you trust come with you!

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